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Microsoft Windows 8 Professional operating system
Product Description

Windows 8 Pro is the successor of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. It is aimed at small businesses and business users.

The new Microsoft Windows 8 Professional interface moves away from the classic desktop representation and specializes in touch interaction.

All this promotes and accelerates the included professional programs and features, just as optimizing the system promotes and speeds up your work.

Windows 8 Professional offers better delivery

The developed version of Windows 8, Windows 8 Professional.

Offers you many innovations that stand out for improved performance and new features.

The most important innovation in Microsoft Windows 8 Professional is the introduction of the unique checkered interface.

Thus, the system can be used identically on different platforms. Despite the organization on touch screens, the operating system Windows 8 Pro works perfectly also on all compatible computers with a keyboard and a mouse.

The ergonomic operation typical of Microsoft Windows operating systems has been greatly expanded to help you access your data faster and increase productivity. In addition, Microsoft Windows 8 Pro provides system optimization, for example, with the new task manager that increases the efficiency of your device.

The new programs and features, as well as the new Internet Explorer and Windows Store, enhance the system with new content and features.

New Windows 8 Professional operating system

The MS Windows 8 Professional operating system is not only convincing thanks to its excellent system optimizations but also thanks to its new features and new programs. The Windows 8 Professional operating system offers the following features:

  • An optimized tile interface for touchscreen operation.
  • Internet Explorer 11: the new browser for Windows.
  • Controlled data transfer: ability to pause and resume copy processes.
  • An updated task manager: more and more efficient process management.
  • A new Windows Store: download modern applications.
  • Windows Defender: antispyware programs.

Standard applications, such as those for photos, videos or music, have been updated and developed ergonomically.

Other features contained exclusively in the Windows 8 Professional version, relate to group guidelines.

The optimized operating system Windows 8 Professional

In Microsoft Windows 8 Pro we did not just think about the ergonomics of operation


Many other technical improvements to the system have been implemented, such as the introduction of the UEFI instead of the conventional BIOS or the integration of Secure Boot which blocks malware during system startup.

In addition, Windows-Explorer, contained in the Windows 8 Professional operating system, has a new ribbon menu bar.

With which it is possible to directly select the most used commands. ISO files can now be mounted directly and without the need for other software.

Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Safe and Powerful

The Windows 8 Professional operating system also strongly supports small businesses as well as advanced users in their way of working. Optimizing the Windows 8 Pro operating system interface simplifies access to the most important documents and programs.

Improved delivery with different system optimizations ensures a secure and powerful platform. The introduction of new features and new programs allows a better and more precise work process.

All this makes the Windows 8 Professional operating system a reliable partner for devices with touch screens or standard computers.

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